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Champion teams feed the cycling legend

Anquetil and Poulidor, Merckx and Gimondi, Coppi and Bartali… cycling has always lived on mythical duels and great rivalries. Stories of timeless champions, capable of climbing even generational barriers and carving their names in the legend of cycling.
Names and faces that remain inextricably linked to the shirts they wore. And it is precisely the colors of the shirts, with their writings with an ancient flavor, the key to open the door of imagination and try to relive youthful emotions. Just wear them to make an authentic journey through time.

The Bic jersey tells the story of the old Jacques Anquetil and the very young Luis Ocaña, the only rider capable of really putting Eddy Merckx in trouble in the Tour de France. And the "Cannibal" relives with the colors of the legendary Molteni, the squadron in which they ran "all for one", without discussion. A team in which the wingmen could have aspired to the role of captain in other formations. The Merckx legend also echoes in the red and white of Faema, the team thanks to which he shook off the sprinter label and discovered he was capable of winning the big laps. And when we talk about Merckx our thoughts go straight to Felice Gimondi wrapped in the sky-blue Salvarani jersey, the team that for ten years dominated the Italian cycling scene with formations made up of strong and heterogeneous riders. Baldini and Pambianco, Adorni and Motta, Zandegù and Balmamion, Chiappano and Zilioli also raced for Salvarani.

The purple and yellow of the Mercier BP evokes the determination of Raymond Poulidor, the most beloved runner in France, able to finish eight times on the podium of the Grande Boucle without ever being able to wear the yellow jersey: an unparalleled record.
The American design of the Brooklyn tells the fictional story of Roger De Vlaeminck - who became “monsieur Roubaix” after having tamed the French pavé four times - and the irresistible sprints of Patrick Sercu, both on the road and on the track.

And those who love the history of cycling cannot fail to be excited in front of the Ferretti jersey, the "family-team" created by Alfredo Martini with the Pettersons, four Swedish brothers who arrived in Italy to learn the profession of cyclists: one of them, Gosta, he learned it so well that he even managed to win a Giro d'Italia

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