Our production is modelled on the tradition of Italian craftsmanship

We do not use any industrial manufacturing methods. Each item is a unique piece. All our products are faithful reproductions of authentic items and are manufactured using only traditional methods and natural materials, just like they were in the past.

To produce our collection we drew inspiration from the idea of rediscovery

Rediscovering the manufacturing processes using traditional machines and qualified craftsmen; rediscovering natural materials like wool, leather and steel; rediscovering individually crafted pieces prepared with meticulous attention to detail; and, finally, rediscovering an emotional dimension where sports performance comes after heritage and memory.

We only use high-quality materials

We only use high-quality materials such as full grain leather, tanned using vegetable dyes. Our garments are finely embroidered using chainstitching, as tradition demands.
You will appreciate our commitment and dedication to faithfully reproducing the cyclists’ vintage apparel and understand why our products are different from those already on the market.