Customization Embroidery

It’s possible to create a unique jersey by personalizing it with one’s own name, the name of your team or group of friends, a logo or a symbol.
The embroidery will be done with the authentic "chain stitch" method; the colour of the thread is in contrast with that of the background. It’s possible to choose a standard font (the one in the photos) or one’s own logo or symbol.

Standard font
The lettering will be embroidered with our standard font. It’s possible to write up to 10 letters. We will take care of adapting the writing to the available space and we will email you a draft for approval before proceeding with production.

Personal logo
If you prefer to use a different font than the standard one, a logo or a symbol, please send us your graphic. Any type of file is accepted, both bitmap (as long as it is of good quality) and vector. It doesn't matter what colors your graphics have, always done with the contrasting thread.